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Roulette RULES

Enjoy Our a FFXIV take on Roulette at The Black Velvet. As usual we strive to give you some of the best odds in the server. Rules as below:

  • Sit down at the red table to start the game, you will be invited to a party

  • Max bet of 1 million Gil. Min bet of 50k Gil.

  • You will have to sit down to start the game. If you are not playing we would request you give up your seat and hang out at the bar.

  • You will be invited to the table party (you have to be in party to play. Max 7 players at all times)

  • You will have to declare your bet before each round in party chat (no /tell /shout /y or /say)

  • Before each round you can choose a bet on 1 to 37. And winners will be paid out 35 times if you get the right number when the dealer rolls 1 to 37. 

  • you may also bet on "Odd" or "Even" and the payout to is 1 times Except for 37, where dealer wins

  • You may also bet on "1 to 12", "13 to 24" and "25 to 36" and payout is 2 times


Kujata: Goblet W12/P60

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