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The prize pool starts at 10 million gil and increases by another 10 million after every event!


  1. Choose a 3-digit number that does not contain any zeroes (e.g. 112, 999 and 456 are valid numbers, but NOT 102, 007, and 990)

  2. Purchase a bingo card from our bartenders, and /tell them your chosen number to be entered into the Velvet Pot prize draw!

  3. A winning number will be drawn at each event. If your number matches the winning number, you will win the VELVET JACKPOT.



Velvet Jackpot

The VELVET JACKPOT winner takes the FULL AMOUNT OF GIL available in the prize pool.


In the event that THERE ARE NO VELVET JACKPOT WINNERS, runner-up winners stand a chance to win 1 million gil each.

In order to win the RUNNER-UP prize, the first two (2) digits of your chosen number MUST MATCH the first two (2) digits of the winning number (e.g. if the winning number is "567", you will be a runner-up if your chosen number begins with "56").



All prizes will be deducted from the overall Velvet Pot prize pool.


Winner(s) must be present at the venue during the announcement to collect the prize.

If the winner is not at the venue, they will forfeit the prize.

In the event that there are multiple VELVET JACKPOT winners, the prize amount will be split between the jackpot winners.

Limited to one (1) entry per bingo card.


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