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- Almost great working conditions - Sanitary Chocobo stables - Awesome Salary - Variable Bonus - No Punch Cards -

- Haunted staff housing - Flexible working hours - Personal on the job training by Zairt's Evil Chocobo -

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Sharky Shark, Finance

"After working at The Black Velvet, I have become a much better Shark. The time and effort spent by the senior management on my needs and wants have really touched my Shark heart. I have also learnt how to read, write and post reviews about my time at The Black Velvet. It's a miracle!"


Esctax Clouet, Casino

"The Black Velvet has made me who I am today. All allegations of the punch in and punch out system and the lack of holidays and the place being haunted is totally not true. My supervisors have told me that there is no ghost and it's just my imagination. "


Timmy Tom, Not a ghost

"Wooooo WOOOOOO booooo WOooOOOOoooo Wooo wooooo WOOOOoooooooo Woooo booo boooo hoooooo Wooohoooboooo hooooOoooOoOoo. Sasquatch....

Bar Rules


1. Be Respectful to Everyone  - Not everyone is comfortable with certain themes/actions

3. No minions in the venue. Players only.  - Helps reduce lag

2. Do not cut the queue or use big mounts to block other players.

4. Please do not /Yell and /Shout as this is reserved for staff of The Black Velvet 

5. Respect the privacy of other patrons and staff, please do not enter private rooms if they are booked by other patrons

7. As much as possible please use party chat or /tell while chatting with other patrons

6. Please do not spam emotes, you might want to silence your emote log

8. There are no entrance fees, stay as long as you like (till the venue closes for the night of course)

9. If we have done well, please feel free to tip us.

10. Besides the above rules enjoy however you like.

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