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There will be a 5x5 grid and a list of 25 first-come-first-serve objectives posted on Discord.



  1. Be the first to complete any of the 25 tasks on the Velvet Tails list.

  2. When completing your tasks, please remember to tell the relevant staff member the task number that you are completing. Once completed, you will be asked to choose the grid box alphabet you want to claim (e.g. "Grid P please!")

  3. You may only claim ONE grid box per task

  4. Rewards will be given for each task you complete.


First to complete a task

You will be rewarded 250k gil for being the first to complete each task.

Claim a straight line on the grid

Bonus rewards are given to those who manage to claim one or more straight lines on the grid (vertical, horizontal or diagonal). 

Line of 3 = 1 million gil
Line of 4 = 2 million gil
Line of 5 = 3 million gil


Claim the most boxes on the grid

The person who completed the most tasks and claimed the majority of the 5x5 grid will be rewarded 3 million gil.

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