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There will be a 5x5 grid and a list of 25 first-come-first-serve objectives posted on Discord.



  1. Be the first to complete any of the 25 tasks on the Velvet Tails list.

  2. Once the task is completed, send a /tell to Pluie Dhiver and state the task number (with proof if needed), as well as the grid bpx alphabet you want to claim (e.g. "Task 5 done, Grid P please!"

  3. You may only claim ONE grid box per task

  4. Rewards will be given for each task you complete.


First to complete a task

You will be rewarded 250k gil for being the first to complete each task.

Claim a straight line on the grid

Bonus rewards are given to those who manage to claim one or more straight lines on the grid (vertical, horizontal or diagonal). 

Line of 3 = 1 million gil
Line of 4 = 2 million gil
Line of 5 = 3 million gil


Claim the most boxes on the grid

The person who completed the most tasks and claimed the majority of the 5x5 grid will be rewarded 3 million gil.

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