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Enjoy Casino Style Black Jack at The Black Velvet. Some of the best odds in the server. We have 2 casino rooms at The Black Velvet, VIP Casino Room and Normal Casino Room. Normal days, our VIP room will be the one we usually operate, the normal Casino room will be open when there are larger crowds. Rules as below:

  • Sit down to start the game, you will be invited to a party

  • Max bet of 1 million Gil. Min bet of 50k Gil. (we do entertain higher bets, please msg a staff for more info)

  • You will have to sit down to start the game. If you are not playing we would request you give up your seat and hang out at the bar.

  • You will be invited to the table party (you have to be in party to play. Max 7 players at all times)

  • You will have to declare your bet before each round in party chat (no /tell /shout /y or /say)

  • During each round after betting The Black Velvet Dealer will deal 2 cards to each player and 1 card to the Dealer

  • Dealer uses /dice 13 to decide your cards

  • 1 = Ace, 11 = Jack, 12 = queen, 13= king

  • We do not collect bets at the start, but will be collecting after each round upon losses, or payout after a win

  • Due to logistics, we try not to keep a tab.

Important Game Rules:

  • Dealer stands on 17 or soft 17 and has to draw to a minimum 17

  • 1 ("ace) is considered as 1 or 11 at all times

  • Black Jack payout is 1.5 times bet (however if dealer has black jack too, its considered a push[tie])

  • In the event of a tie, there will be no win or loss 

  • You can ask to double your bet on the first card you hit (before the card is hit) by calling out "Double" in party chat. However upon double, you will only be allowed to Hit 1 card for that round.

  • We do not allow splits in this game (apologies this is due to too much work tracking it)


Kujata: Goblet W12/P60

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