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Enjoy Our a FFXIV take on Slots Jack at The Black Velvet. As usual we strive to give you some of the best odds in the server. Rules as below:

  • Sit down at the slots machines to start the game, you will be invited to a party

  • Max bet of 1 million Gil. Min bet of 50k Gil.

  • You will have to sit down to start the game. If you are not playing we would request you give up your seat and hang out at the bar.

  • You will be invited to the table party (you have to be in party to play. Max 7 players at all times)

  • You will have to declare your bet before each round in party chat (no /tell /shout /y or /say)

  • During each round after betting The Black Velvet Dealer will ask you to do a /random 3 times

  • you will recieve a 9 numbers in a shape of a grid 

    • xxx

    • xxx

    • xxx

  • You can win based on lines horizontal vertical or diagonal. (theres total of 8 winning lines). A win is 3 numbers the same (including 0. for numbers below 100, its considered 0XX. Example: 47 is 047)​

  • Please see below for pay out amounts

  • Do note we collect bets at the start, Due to logistics, we try not to keep a tab.

Slots payout amounts:


Kujata: Goblet W12/P60

SLOTS Payouts Examples

Slots payout.png
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