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Enjoy our fine selection of hand / paw / chocobo hoof made cocktails


Enjoy our list of hand shaken cocktails made by our bar maestros Dudgee Finlay and Exotic Lefteye


5000 Gil

The Red Velvet

Our most premium hand mixed cocktail developed by Dudgee Finlay after going through a grief stricken period of bullying by FC members. Made with premium silver moogle liquor and sweet agave nectar . Only 5 calories per 4 oz. serving. Serve chilled straight up in a "real" crystal glass.


3000 Gil

Elsa's Dirty Sister

This cool mix of frozen Eorzean berries and ample splash of the strongest choice selection of liquors will force you to make a self-concious joke about how 'manly' this drink looks, then to sip it and declare "Cough* Cough* Sputter* what the hell did you put in this thing?"


2000 Gil

Frozen Daiquiri

Made from the tears of Exotic Lefteye's first broken relationships. This drink may make you go "hey... this ain't real tears..." but nonetheless will bring out strong emotions of betrayal and loss.

Bar Buyout
500k Gil

Feeling generous? Treat everyone to drinks at the bar for an hour tonight! Every customer gets 1 drink and a Bingo card 

Bar Shout-out
200k Gil

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