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Every event when you buy a drink from our bartenders, receive a bingo card. The bingo card will be a mobile-friendly digital link, cut and paste the link in a browser to your personal card. Do note this card is unique and for yourself only. Rules:

  • There is only 1 card per customer per event (even if you buy multiple drinks)

  • The card will be reset every round

  • There will be 2 rounds per night, so if you bought your drink at the start of the event you can participate in all 2 rounds

  • During each round The Black Velvet Host will roll a random number, when you get the number, you can cross it out on the Bingo Card.

  • Once you have crossed out 5 in a row (do note the center square is considered a automatic free cross)you are eligible to win and should shout "BINGO"

  • 5 crosses in a row can be straight, across or diagonal

  • You have to shout or yell "BINGO" to win the game. Only the first person to yell "BINGO" wins!

horizontal 2.JPG
straight 2.JPG

All the above 5 in a row is a winning card. First one to 5 and yell/shout "BINGO" wins!

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