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28 Mar 2022


Circus Carnival

Glamour Contest . Live Music . Minigame TBA . Bingo

Prizes to be won:
up to 10,000,000 Gil+
& Aquamarine Carbuncle Mount

Come and grab your chance to win a minion of your choosing at Minion Wrangler!

How to play:


  1. You will be invited to the party when it's your turn.

  2. Choose the minion that you want to roll for.

  3. Roll using /dice in party chat.

  4. If you roll within the range for that minion, you win the minion.

  5. You have a total of 3 rolls and you can change your minion choice if you want to.

Choose from the following minions:

Fat Cat (10% chance)

Flag (15% chance)

Wind-up Grebuloff (20% chance)

Sungold Talos (25% chance)

Hedgehoglet (40% chance)

Adventure Basket (45% chance)

Paissa Patissier (50% chance)

Lesser Panda (50% chance)

Meerkat (50% chance)

Plush Cushion (50% chance)

Limited to one (1) game per customer.


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