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16 Dec 2022



Glamour Contest . Live Music . Minigame TBA . Bingo

Prizes to be won:
250mil++ gil

It's back again! Come and grab your chance to win a mount or minion of your choosing!

How to play:

  1. Join the queue at the Mount & Minion Wrangler.

  2. You will be invited to a party when it's your turn to play.

  3. You may choose to roll for 2 prizes in total. You will receive 3 chances to roll for each prize. Tell your host which minion or mount you are aiming for before you roll.

  4. Roll using /dice in party chat. If you roll within the range for that minion, you win the minion.

  5. Mounts and Minions are available while stocks last!

You may choose from the following mounts or minions:


Gilded Mikoshi Flute (2% chance)

Wivre Horn (2% chance)

Golden Ronkan Flute (3% chance)

Sil'dihn Throne (6% chance)

Eurekan Petrel Horn (20% chance)

Big Shell Whistle (30% chance)


Golden Beaver (3% chance)

Yukinko Snowflake (60% chance)

Limited to one (1) game per customer.


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