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Bacarrat RULES

Enjoy Our a FFXIV take on Baccarat at The Black Velvet. As usual we strive to give you some of the best odds in the server. Rules as below:

  • Sit down at the table to start the game, you will be invited to a party

  • Max bet of 1 million Gil. Min bet of 50k Gil. Please bet in nice round numbers to make the game run smoothly: ie 50k, 100k, 500k, 1m gil etc

  • You will have to sit down to start the game. If you are not playing we would request you give up your seat and hang out at the bar.

  • You will be invited to the table party (you have to be in party to play. Max 7 players at all times)

  • You will have to declare your bet before each round in party chat (no /tell /shout /y or /say)

  • You will have to say bet on Banker or Player. You can also make a separate bet on Tie.

  • Example: /party Bet on Banker 500k + Bet on tie 200k

  • The Dealer will deal 2 cards to banker and 2 cards to player. 

  • If either player or banker is dealt a total of eight or nine, both player and banker stand.

  • If the player's  or bankers total is five or less, then the player or  banker will receive another card, Otherwise, the player or banker will stand.

  • The final betting option, a tie pays out 8 to 1.

  • 10 11 12 13  are considered 0 (we use /dice 13 to simulate cards


  • If you bet on banker or player and your choice wins, you win 1 to 1.

  • If Banker or Player wins with the Value 6, payouts are 0.75 to 1 (this is the similar concept as non commission baccarat you see in real life casinos, however as we use /dice 13, its more appropriate to do it on both banker and player at a reduced amount)

  • If you bet on tie, and theres a tie you win 1 to 8

Kujata: Goblet W12/P60

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