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28 Mar 2022


Circus Carnival

Glamour Contest . Live Music . Minigame TBA . Bingo

Prizes to be won:
up to 10,000,000 Gil+
& Aquamarine Carbuncle Mount

Players: 4 Players max.
Reward: Up to 100k gil!

A game of luck where our cute carby will choose one of the participant to get some stash of gils~

How to play:


  1. 4 participants gather and roll the dice, starting from the highest roller the participant will choose their position starting from 1 to 4. No number can be picked twice! (Roll the dice with /random)

  2. Host would then roll two dices. The first dice will determine the starting position of Carby, and the second dice will bless one of the lucky players and gave them a chance to double their reward!

  3. Starting there, host would roll 4 times to see which way the Carby will go. Either left, right, or forward!

  4. In the end, one will be the winner and the others get none...It is a game of chance after all!~

Limited to one (1) game per customer.


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